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Invalid Scour Usage Guidelines

To help ensure that user activity is valid and of value to the Scour community, below is a list of excessive behaviors and activities that may result in a reduction of points or a user's account being banned:


  • Excessive amount of short non-descript comments.
    • Example: great, i like it, cool, fun etc...
  • Repeated comments
    • Example: recommended site, recommended site!, I recommend this site
  • Invalid words within comments
    • Example: asdfadfadsfsadfadslkal;kjfdlakjfdalsjfa, $@#%&^%^
  • Vulgar comments: Profanity or offensive content.
  • Self promotion: Excessive promotional statements about your own site.

Email Invites:

  • Emails sent to users who you have never had any previous interaction with.
  • Emails that cause multiple spam complaints from users.