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Scour.com Community Guidelines

Scour.com is an online searching community built on the contributions of its users. We are serious about creating a fun, safe, rewarding, and effective search engine. Please read through the following guidelines and know that if you choose to violate our guidelines it can hurt the community as well as risk banning your account. Below are some good practices and guidelines to make Scour.com a better place for everyone.

Invalid Scour.com Usage Guidelines: Please be sure to read and understand what type of usage and activity is considered invalid.

Anti-Spam Policies: Please be sure to read our anti-spam guidelines to help avoid spam complaints.

Things We Encourage On Scour.com:

Positive Community Participation

Scour's safe and fun atmosphere is in the care of each member. Any member that notices abuse of the site is encouraged to report it immediately. Reporting abuse helps Scour.com to remove it more quickly, keeping our online community safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Be a Good Samaritan

If you see a great comment, show your approval of it by recommending it. Others will be more likely to read it if they know someone else has found it helpful. If you see any abuse, report it immediately. Together, we can make Scour.com a safe and effective search engine.

Be Clear and Detailed

You can be very helpful to others by sharing things you know, your personal experience and situations, and your opinions. Make a good contribution by sharing what you are familiar with.

Always try to ask questions and post comments in clear language. It will be easier for others to understand and reply to your question or comment if they can better understand it. Try to use correct spelling and grammar to make reading your comments easier for other readers to communicate with you.

Stay Focused

Be sure to keep your comments within context. You are expressing your experiences with a website. Try not to talk about cats when everything on the site is about Linux. This will make your comment more useful and easier to understand.

Scour.com Restrictions:

We Do Not Tolerate Negative Behavior or Inappropriate Language

If you exhibit inappropriate behavior, you may be subject to cancellation of your Scour.com account. Scour.com isn't a place to rant about personal frustrations or issues. This is a diverse community aimed to make search results more relevant. Hate speech, discriminatory words and negative behavior are not acceptable.

Remember That Scour.com is Open to Users as Young as 13

Keep this in mind when posting on Scour.com and don't use sexual or vulgar language or images. Also, please refrain from insulting others, using slurs or objectionable terms. Remember that Scour.com is a public community, and we're trying to keep it clean. We also don't want spam or soliciting.

Don't Use Scour.com For Personal or Financial Gain

Scour.com is not a medium for you to gain personally or financially, by exploiting Scour and other users. Do not use Scour to proposition people or promote your products/services. If you have a relevant link for more information on the topic discussed, post it. If you are trying to get more online traffic use Advertise.com.

Don't Use Scour.com as Your Instant Messaging Service

There are programs out there that allow you to have conversations not related to the Scour.com community. Please refrain from comments that aren't related to the listing.

Don't Break Local or Federal Laws While Using Scour.com

Please do not break the laws of your town, city, state, province, or country on Scour.com. Do not attempt to trick people into sharing their personal information. Do not harass, threaten, impersonate or hurt others. Do not invade the privacy of others. Do not try to steal anything copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise not yours. Do not break any laws.

How NOT to Comment

Try to avoid purposefully or accidentally poor comments. The following is a list of the types of commenting you should avoid. If you see any comments which fall under one or more of these categories, please flag that comment and include the reason in the 'Info' box of the 'Report Comment' window.

  • Nonsense [ie: "yes good cause like very nice"]
  • Repeat comment [comment shows up more than once]
  • Off-topic [has nothing to do with website]
  • Uninformative [ie: "this is clearly a website"]
  • Inappropriate language [self-explanatory]
  • Advertising [link to a blog, rapidshare, etc]
  • Copypaste [clearly copied/pasted from somewhere]
  • Random letters [ie: "asdfds gfhjfgh ghft hhyjk"]
  • Blatant point racking [ie: "yeah whatever gimme my points"]
  • Scour praising [ie: "this is the result i was looking for!"]

It's OK to post your email address or Scour.com Profile in a comment, as a social gesture; but please, include some useful information or opinion on the website that you are commenting on. It's NOT OK to create multiple accounts from which you search and comment. It's NOT OK to solicit others to get points for you, either by using these alternate accounts or by some other method. Remember, Scour is trying to promote a sharing community by offering points and prizes to active users. Don't misuse our product, and we won't have to ban you.

Don't Be Malicious

Do not link to or promote any site that has viruses or other malicious programs that may interfere with Scour or with other users. Be responsible and integritable. We do not want Scour users to provide advice or other information that may cause others harm.

Scour.com is an online searching community for you to share search results, sites, and more. As a community member, we require that users follow our guidelines for acceptable behavior to make Scour a better place for everyone.

To use Scour.com's social searching features, you must be at least 13 years of age.

Scour.com Social Searchers Must Be at Least 13 Years of Age.